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Do you think the Congress party needs a new face?


teacher | Posted

It is accepted the Congress Party needn't bother with another face.
In1991, the appointment of PV Narasimha Rao as the Congress Party president had given the new want to Congress party that there is majority rules system in the gathering. It was normal that the Congress gathering will not, at this point a family ownership.
However, every one of these expectations went to remains in 1998, when the Sita Ram Keshari, party president was taken out from the Presidentship by the power.
It went to the presence thereafter, the expulsion of the Gandhi family would place in peril for the eventual fate of congress party.
A gathering of Congress pioneers have understood that the achievement of their political profession relies on Gandhi's family.
Since May 2014 a few conspicuous congress pioneers host quit the gathering, who needed to change in the structure of the gathering.
In 2014 Lok Sabha Election Congress party made sure about just 44 seats and in 2019 General Election, it has just hardly better than 2014 and won only 52 seats. That is to say, there was altogether the disappointment of initiative in the Congress party.
When Rahul Gandhi ventured down after the aftereffect of Lok Sabha Election 2019, there was pressure in Congress to pick it's another pioneer. Some well known names of Congress pioneers were sent to Congres Working Committee to choose another pioneer, however nothing happened to the name of picking another pioneer.
Congress had enormous degree for making new pioneer. Jyotiraditya Scindia, Miland Deora, Sachin Pilot, Shashi Tharoor and so on were in the rundown of the competitors, yet what was the deal? Jotiraditya was sidelined, later Scindia joined the BJP.
Sanjay Jha in June 2020 was suspended and taken out as the gathering's Spokesperson of Congress party since he hosted examined regarding get-together's initiative issues.
As of late, in August 2020 top 23 congress pioneers sent to letter to break leader of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, to choose an able and effective pioneer for congress party. This one has made an upsetting situation in Gandhi's family. Rahul Gandhi said it isn't the right an ideal opportunity to bring the issue of authority.
What occurred or responses came a short time later? Some senior chiefs were sidelined and not many pioneers were eliminated from the post of General Secretary.
To sum things up, I can say the demeanor and attitude of Gandhi's family have never to choose another pioneer as a gathering face nor have enthusiasm for an outcast to extend the new face for the fate of Congress party.



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