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shweta rajput

blogger | Posted 15 Sep, 2020 |

Has Shiv Sena benefited politically from the Kangana controversy?

shweta rajput

blogger | Posted 16 Sep, 2020

There was an unpleasant war of words between Kangna Ranaut and Thackeray's driven Shiv Sena throughout the previous hardly any days. I think Shiv Sena has never confronted such kind of challenge from any craftsman of the entertainment world since it came in the presence in Maharashtra.

  • It is trusted in the entire story, Shiv Sena is as yet remaining on the back foot.
  • There is a major distinction between them two. Kangna who has set up herself in the entertainment world with no Godfather. It is Uddhav Thackeray, who has got everything from family foundations in governmental issues.  
  • Over the destruction of Kangana's home, Uddhav Thackeray's legislature was severely scrutinized by all the areas of the individuals in the country. Here's the activities of Uddhav Thackeray is completely controlled with the disposition of retribution. One who has censured the legislature, can't be acknowledged.  
  • The responses of the Kangna after the destruction of her office was sharp and solid. "Today they have wrecked my home, tomorrow your pride will break".  
  • Kangana considered himself the girl of Chatrapatee Shivajee and intensely asserted that she is battling for truth, respect and honor and will keep on raising the voice against wrong.  
  • I think Kangana Ranaut has raised the voice of each lady by putting her self in danger for wrong activities and terrible expectation in keeping to get equity.  
  • I think after Kangana's Controversy, Uddhav Thackeray's administration has lost the picture on the helpful grounds and on political ground, Shiv Sena has returned into foot.  
  • Presently Uddhav Thackeray needed to fill the hole by making a plan of Maratha reservation. I figure this plan won't actualize there.  
  • To put it plainly, I can say, Shivsena has increased just terrible viewpoints and lost the political quality in Maharashtra. while Kangana Ranaut has developed as a tough lady, who can offer advantage to BJP in the coming future.