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Bimbel Banda Aceh

teacher | Posted 20 Jan, 2020 |

How Blog Will Boost My Search Engine Rank ?

Redial Solutions

Digital Marketing Company | Posted 27 May, 2020

Blogging is a great way to start building traffic, So you have start blogging.

Content is the most important in Blog that the real key to a successful search engine rank. 

you can add right keyword in the content, Use image and video. Heading tags are the most important use all tags like h1,h2,h3 heading tag these tags are important insert keywords in your blog post. Doing this activity you have a great chance to rank.

Rajat Rajput

@Rajat | Posted 30 Mar, 2020

You need to perform the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. You must do the right keyword research and find the keywords that have a good search volume and lesser competition with competitors comparatively. You must provide quality and informative content for your blog that would be informative to your audience. Use unique images and videos. Use alt tags. h1, h2, h3 headings properly and insert keywords in your blog. After doing all these, your blog have a great chance to rank.