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Prashant Kumar

@letsuser | Posted on | Sports

How Bumrah became the best ODI bowler in the world?


blogger | Posted on

I feel these are the accompanying reasons:

Better knocking down some pins accomplice who is similarly great with old and new ball I.e bhuvaneswar .

Amid his spell at Mumbai , he enhanced ability of playing exact Yorkers with the mentorship of malinga

Great number of varieties particularly the slower balls and his capacity to bowl an alternate conveyance at higher pace with same hand development

Great pace and his unorthodoxic wrist development amid knocking down some pins was extremely intense for batsman to pick the conveyance

More often than not India presented huge sums on safeguard which enabled bowlers to assault

Most piece of the time he was requested to bowl at death where each group


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Bumrah has got the following qualities that are so very much important in limited overs game:

  1. Perfect Block-Hole Yorkers.
  2. High paced bouncers.
  3. Mixture of lines and lengths.
  4. Quality to not let the batsmen settle.
  5. Occasional reverse swing.
  6. Accuracy over the lines and lengths.
  7. Slight variations in the actions depending upon the state of the game.
  8. The Wicket taking ability.
  9. Pace Variation.


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