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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | Science-Technology

How can I find a tweet that someone has deleted?


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I hope that this will help me too. I recently had some issues where I was searching someone else tweet but was unable to do. Finally, I can do this without any further problem.


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Here’s a way to get to this archive:

1. Go to Twitter and log in.

2. Click for your profile icon. It’s inside the pinnacle-proper nook, subsequent to the “Tweet” button.

3. From the dropdown menu, pick “Settings and privateness.”

4. In the account settings, scroll down till you find the “Content” section. At the bottom of the web page, there's a “Request your archive” button. Click on it.

5. Twitter will continue to put together your archive, straight away sending a pop-up window your way to can help you recognise about that. Click on “Close.”

6. Wait until you acquire an email from Twitter. You’ll acquire it on the same address you chose on Twitter. Open it when you do.

7. The E-Mail notifies you that your tweet archive is ready. Click on the “Download now” button. Your net browser will set off you to download the zipped folder “tweets.”

8. Go to the folder in which you downloaded it to.

9. Since it’s a zipper, you don’t need any 1/3-birthday celebration software to extract its contents. Just proper-click on it and pick out “Extract all…”

10. Extract Folder
The “Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders” window will appear. It will display you in which it’s planning to place your tweets and ask you in case you need it to open up the newly created folder when it’s completed. If you do, pick out the “Show extracted files whilst entire” checkbox. In case

11. you want to exchange the destination folder before extracting, click on on the “Browse…” button.

12. When you’re ready, click the “Extract” button. If you had checked the field, a brand new File Explorer window will pop out.

13. Open the “index.Html” document that’s inside of the “tweets” folder. It will show you all your tweets, similar to looking at your Twitter account however with all of your deleted tweets as well. Just remember that this is all offline, so nobody else can see these unless you share them once more. 


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