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How did Tulsidas meet with Lord Hanuman? Is it possible today?


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Goswami Tulsidasji was none other, however a manifestation of mAharishi Valmiki Himself. Gōsvāmī Tulasīdās ji was brought into the world in the wake of remaining in the belly for a year. He had every one of the 32 teeth in his mouth upon entering the world, his wellbeing and looks resembled that of a five-year-old kid. Soon after the birth, Gōsvāmī Tulasīdās Jī articulated the name 'Rāma', rather than crying like common infants. And afterward an awesome sound from sky said 'Rāmabolā', and hence Bhagavān Śrī Rām named the infant divine kid Rāmabolā.
He used to Do Ram katha and Invite numerous individuals to hear it out, and In that Very group, Lord Hanuman would likewise Come routinely. Presently once Tulsidasji met a Pret Atma ( Ghost ), after he accidentally extinguished his Thirst, and allowed him a wish. Tulsidasji Requested him to reveal to him the best approach to meet Lord Ram, however It was past as far as possible. He disclosed to him that Only Lord Hanuman can Help you in this. He revealed to Tulsidasji that Hanumanji is the person who Comes the most punctual during his Ram katha, and is additionally the last one to leave. Presently Tulsidasji Began to watch the Crowd, and according to what The Ghost stated, He saw an extremely lean and bowed man, nearly disintegrated with age. He started things out and left finally, and Tulsidasji followed him till the timberland, and Fell at his feet saying, "You can't get away from me My Lord, I know what your identity is, if you don't mind come in your genuine structure". It was after That Lord Hanuman started meeting him routinely.
Ruler Hanuman helped Goswami Tulsidasji to meet shri Ram at chitrakoot. At the point when Tulsidasji couldn't distinguish the Lord, Hanumanji appeared as a parrot, and said :
चित्रकूट के घाट पर भई संतन की भीर।
तुलसीदास चंदन घिसें तिलक देत रघुबीर ॥
"On the bank of Mandākinī stream at Chitrakoot, there happened the get together of holy people. While Gosvāmī Tulsīdās is scouring the sandalwood for making the glue [to offer Tilaka to devotees], Tilaka is being given on the temple of Tulasīdāsa by Raghuveer Śrī Rāma himself."
When Tulsidasji was Imprisoned by The Mughal pillager Jalaludin Muhammad, and in the jail, Tulsidasji composed the superb Hym "Hanuman chalisa" and recounted it on the 40th day. Just from that point onward, a whole multitude of Monkeys scoured the royal residence of Jalauddin bandit, and destroyed devastation. The Mughal thief Realized his imprudence, and fell at the feet of Tulsidasji and delivered him later on. Other Than This, He likewise met Lord Shiva and Mother Paravati, who urged him to pen down, in Vernacular language, The Ramcharitmanas, which was a work of Lord Shiva, in the commendation of Lord Ram. He likewise composed the Hanuman bahuk. Whenever He was tormented with extreme agony and Boils, and persevering through that Pain, He composed the Hanuman bahuk, and after That Hanuman ji himself came and Cured his Disease. He likewise composed the Extremely ground-breaking Bajrang Baan.
Indeed, Its especially workable for any of us to meet The Mighty Avatar of Shiva, Hanumanji, however the Condition for that is, we should build up a feeling of Rambhakti inside ourselves, as Tulsidasji did.
Jai Siya Ram
Jai Hanuman



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