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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How do some many people get rich from the stock market? What are they doing that others aren’t?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Contrary to what so many blogs and books tell you (just to sell their own stuff), there is no secret behind how so many people get rich from the stock market. It’s plain and simple—and it has always been that way. 

They have a plan. YES.

If you want to make more money and become rich by trading/investing in the stock market, it’s imperative that you plan. Unless, of course, you believe in a swoosh of luck.

Sadly, what I see today is so many newbies, instead of planning and creating a proper money strategy, looking online for some kind of tricks and hacks.

Successful and rich stock market traders/investors start their journey with a proper, well-defined plan. They know what they are getting themselves into, how they are going to increase their wealth and exactly where they will be in the next year and so. Their planning is followed by the right process of research. They then base all their decisions on correct data and hard facts. Once the initials are good and the ground set, comes the part of taking actions and being consistent.

Success in the stock market doesn’t come overnight. It takes an awful lot of time that includes consistent actions. And on this journey, you can see many losses. What matters most that the number of your profits is more than the losses.

So, to sum up, the answer to your question in few simple lines, here’s how many people get rich from stock trading or investment:

·        They have a plan that progresses with their progressive goals.

·        They take time to learn about the stock market.

·        They do intensive research on the market before taking any decision.

·        They continue learning and acquiring new knowledge to nourish their ideas and strategies.

·        They take risks. And are fine with small losses in their quest to bigger gains.

·        They form a right trading/investment habit.

·        They are (super) consistent with whatever they do.

·        They don’t look online for some “hacks”. Instead, they take actions, fail, learn and improve.

So, if you want to become rich from stock trading or investment, follow what these profitable traders/investors do.