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How do you deal when your parents do partiality between you and your siblings?


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When parents play favorites to their children, we notice the following in children:
Here we are talking about the ignored child.
1.The feeling of anger, depression are noticeable.
2.We the ignored children change our loving attitude towards those partial parents. Even many children like us do not want to interact much with others. We gradually become socially isolated.
3.Slowly, we lack confidence within ourselves. We feel like we are good for nothing. No one loves us.
In this way, we gradually get detached from our partial parents. These are the basic things that happen when parents do partiality between you and your siblings.
Partiality can be done in many ways:
1.Apprisal of one ignoring the talent of another child.
2.Caring for one more than the other.

Some parents are so partial that they just fail to realize their consistent favoritism towards one child. And the other one gets continuously ignored for a long time.
So how to deal with a partial parent?
You and your parents must be in a good mood. Ask them for an important conversation. Do not try to talk with them when they are busy or in the middle of something. Sit for a cool conversation when both are free. Speak out and solve all your problems.

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