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How do you find a driver-s license number if you lost your driver-s license?


If you lose your driving license, you will get duplicate ....

What to do if you lose DL ?

If your DL is lost for any reason, then you will need a duplicate driving license to operate the vehicle immediately. For this, you should have a photocopy of your DL. The Transport Department is advised to take a photocopy, digital scan copy of it and keep it safe for future whenever you create a new DL.If you do not keep photocopy, then at least your license number, date of issue and expiry date must be noted. If these details are not there, you may have to make a lot of papad to make a duplicate DL. Sometimes, if there is no details of the running DL, people will have to make a new DL again.


How to get a new driving license? Learn these easy steps

Process and fees 
To get a duplicate license in case of loss of license, you will have to apply in the same office from where the original DL was issued. The fees for making duplicate DL may vary in different states, but still the average duplication fee will be around 200 rupees. To get a duplicate DL, you have to get an FIR to lose the original DL to the police station and bring a copy of FIR or NCR from there.By showing this copy only in RTO office, the process of creating duplicate DL will start. Keep in mind that the duplicate DL will have the same validity as your original DL. If you do not start the process by going to RTO within 6 months of losing DL, then you may have to spend more time and money to become a duplicate DL. 

To get a duplicate copy of DL, you have to submit these documents to the RTO office -
1- To get a duplicate DL, a written application or form has to be filled on the official paper in the name of the officer 
2- FIR or NCR copy of DL lost police report
3- Photocopy of valid ID and address proof
4- Proof of physical fitness in a self declaration form
5- Own address written blank registered envelope 


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