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Rajinder Singh

Owner | Posted 09 Sep, 2019 |

How do you rate any restaurant?

simon andrew

Digital marketing manager | Posted 06 Feb, 2020

it depends on the services they are they greet you, how they serve you the food, taste of the food, hygiene food and the quality of food. Is their restaurant is a smart restaurant?

amanjot kaur

blogger | Posted 04 Feb, 2020

it depends on the services they are they greet you, arrival on reception, their way of treating you, how they serve you the food, taste of the food, their way of talking, hygiene food and the quality of food 

David k

student | Posted 31 Jan, 2020

It totally depends on the type of service they provide. The restaurants must be needed these following qualities...

                         1.Reception on arrival

                         2.Comfortable greeting on arrival

                         3.Level of help to and at the table

                         4.Level and quality of the set table

                         5.The way the menu & wine list are presented

                         6.Menu has a wide variety of dishes

                         7.overall level of foodservice

                         8.Quality of toilet facilities

                         9.Quality of drinking water

These qualities are helping to attract customers who conscious about food presentation and clean environment. Personally I felt all these qualities are in Hotel president Madurai. It is one of the best luxury hotels in Madurai.

Lastika barbosa

student | Posted 30 Jan, 2020

Well, it depends on the food they serve. That is the number one that people will rate the restaurant. Second is the environment of the restaurant if it is clean and comfortable and the view on the restaurant if it is nice. The third one is on the crew and waiters at the restaurant if they are kind and friend to the restaurant. The last one is the price of the food they serve if it is worth paying. So we must wise on choosing the best restaurant where you will eat.

Vasanthakumar K

@Vasanthakumar | Posted 10 Oct, 2019

Variety of foods, taste, ambiance , Parking facility, Online food ordering system and parking space are the important parameters to rate a restaurant. Friendly staffs and their grooming is also a major factor while rating a restaurant.

Rajinder Singh

Owner | Posted 08 Oct, 2019

Thanks for sharing your views.


Posted 29 Sep, 2019

jason klien

blogger | Posted 28 Sep, 2019

It totally depends on the restaurant you are impressed because when people visit any restaurant usually they monitor different things like food quality and taste because everyone is very careful about their health especially to order from outside and I have same nature as well and I always order from the restaurant I adore, so when I want to have pizza I order from pizza crown which is near to me and according to me in Maryland state.

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Aakash Kothari

Blogger | Posted 27 Sep, 2019

You can rate any restaurants on the basis of food quality and the ambiance of that restaurant and also how they are giving you services it is fast or slow depends on them. I personally like to visit Ruby Hilltop restaurants in Pune which is very famous for their delicious food and prompt services. 


Posted 16 Sep, 2019

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