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How does electricity reach our home?


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Electricity is considered as one of the primary requirement for easy living in this age as people use thousands of appliances which run on power only. However, while using the power, one hardly thinks how it reaches to his place. For this, one needs to understand the network of power supply companies.

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The power from the point of generation reaches to various points via cables of different capacities. It can be through an overhead line or an underground one. The overhead lines are cost-effective compared to the underground, and that is why one can see the cables on various poles in different areas. The power is moved to various sub-stations from where it is distributed to various grids as per the requirement of the concerned area. Again it is segregated in single-phase and three-phase lines. The single-phase line deals with residential power requirements while the three-phase is provided for the industries. There are different sub-stations of power supply companies with different capacities such as 66KC, 132kV etc. from where the power is controlled and supplied to different areas. The whole process of power supply needs proper planning and creation of various resources and points that need detailed planning before it is supplied to the consumers.


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Hi This is Laura Avila Barraza. So here is my answer.

The electricity that flows into our homes is generated in power plants. From here, it flows through large transmission lines, which lead it to the substations. Finally, distribution lines transport electricity from substations to homes, businesses and schools like yours!



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