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Kanika Malhotra

On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 07 Mar, 2021 |

How does stress affect the body?

Prajapati advertising

@Prajapati | Posted 15 Mar, 2021

At the point when the body is focused, muscles worry. Muscle pressure is right around a reflex response to push—the body's method of guarding against injury and agony.

With abrupt beginning pressure, the muscles worry at the same time, and afterward discharge their strain when the pressure passes. Ongoing pressure makes the muscles in the body be in a pretty much steady condition of guardedness. At the point when muscles are rigid and tense for extensive stretches of time, this may trigger different responses of the body and even advance pressure related problems.

For instance, both strain type cerebral pain and headache migraine are related with constant muscle pressure nearby the shoulders, neck and head. Musculoskeletal agony in the low back and furthest points has additionally been connected to pressure, particularly work pressure.




Aeden Dsouza

Student and Blogger | Posted 15 Mar, 2021

Its not compulsory that stress always affect the body, stress can be good if you take that in a positive approach. It can be a challenging that keeps us motivated, and ready to avoid danger.

But if you are taking too much stress, it can be danger also, it may lead to symptoms such as high blood pressure, headache, depression, emotional problems and other forms of anxiety and worry. 

Gargi Sidana

Blogger | Posted 08 Mar, 2021

Stress is the common word that chases the mind’s peace. Peace of mind that entirely belongs to the happy soul. A happy soul is responsible for the betterment of a balanced life. A balanced life is gained by maintaining a balance between body and mind. The mind is conditioned with the thoughts that we brought up in our heads. Head releases those thoughts irrespective of their type in action. Action channelise intensity, depths, and weightage of those negative thoughts to increase the stress in the body. The body takes stress in the form of physical or mental illness. Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, chronic stress disorder, GAD, and bipolar disorder.

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Stress does a lot of harm to the mind and body. Negative thoughts also release some harmful hormones that put stress at the top. It affects the functioning of the body. Constipation, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, week immunity, and hormonal imbalance are symptoms of an ailing mind and body.
To avoid the flow of these thoughts, one needs to practice gratitude. Gratitude that imbibes positive thoughts and relaxes the mind. We need suggestions to put positive thoughts in mind. Suggestions are like a command given to the brain. Our subconscious mind works on the suggestions received from the surrounding. Surrounding include family, society, and social groups. Our subconscious mind has no filters to block the passage of negative thoughts. Your thoughts are its command and it acts accordingly. Our action is the reflection of our thoughts. Useless or wasteful thoughts create chaos in the mind resulting in stress