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Khushboo Gupta

HR Executive | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to reduce stress in our day to day life?


Healer, writer | Posted on

This is a question that obviously comes from a person who attributes “stress” or experiencing it as a reality of “human existence”. And so I’m compelled to ask, what is it that stresses you out and what are the symptoms and consequences you experience. Without much thought, you would automatically tell me all about the grueling “daily grind “that you need to go through to “survive” in the world. Oh yes, and there are plenty of things that cause that perpetual, lifetime “grind”. And all of them are learning from early life, and the rest are self-inflicted.
You are taught in early life to strive harder, to do better, and be the best, and then you make this a “lifetime pursuit”. Not just to excel at what you do but the petty, superfluous engagement of doing better than the next-door neighbor, but playing out of also your ego to having the last word in an argument, or even sheer greed, not just for your immediate needs but to hoard even for the next few generations, to feel cerebrally massaged by satiating your “ego”.
Creation and biology have provided appropriately for us to cope with stress. Short-term stress. It is only when the stress has germinated out of your “lifetime pursuit” of all of this and is fueled by your ego and desire, that it becomes a factor of stress anxiety and even depression.
Very succinctly, if you really want to reduce stress or even banish all stress and anxiety from your day-to-day experience of life you need to do just two simple things. One, drop all ego out of your existence, and two, banish all desire and greed.


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