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Trishna Dhanda

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How long does coronavirus last in the body?


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Coronavirus is caused due to the virus SARS-COV-2. It spreads if the infected person is in direct contact with a person and that’s the reason for this outbreak. There are various symptoms that differ with individuals. It takes about 5-6 days for the virus to spread from an infected person and show the symptoms. But it is still not clear how long does covid-19 lasts in our body. It depends on the severity of the illness of the person. The symptoms include fever, weakness, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, vomiting, and many more. In case the covid-19 patient suffers from flu and cough there is a chance of recovery. But in severe cases, the symptoms last for a longer time in which the lungs get affected. The incubation period of covid-19 is about 14 days and that’s why it is mandatory to stay in quarantine for 14days.


The after-effects of corona also affect mental health like depression, difficulty in concentrating, and so on. It has been seen that the after-effects of corona also affect our nervous system which includes muscle pain, nerve pain. In case the patient shows mild symptoms the coronavirus lasts for a short period and the patient starts recovering but in severe cases especially if the patient is old-aged the recovery is a bit difficult as their immunity power is less. So, it is mandatory to follow all the necessary precautions to defeat this deadly coronavirus and lead a normal life.


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I hope this tunnel of darkness known as Covid19 should end soon. I am damn tired of this Coronavirus.


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