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How many types of bras are there?


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Bras, although important, can be tiresome for some of the women. The reason behind it is that some women are unaware of all the types of bras that are actually available and, which of these bras is most suitable for the shape and size of their bust.

So enlisted below are some of the main types, to help you make a choice based on shape, size, and of course, time and occasion.

Balconette Bra

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The support in these bras come to the large straps and the bottom. Bring much fuller over the breasts, these type of bras reveal the top part of your breasts. So the dresses to be worn with these bras have to be chosen wisely.

Bandeau Bra

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This can be called the combination of a strapless bra and a tube top. It is just pulled over the breasts from over the head, and that’s it. It neither has straps, nor cups. You must have often heard people telling you not to wear a bra while sleeping. Well, this is one bra which you can wear at home, under the casuals and while sleeping as well.


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This can be put in the category of Bandeau bras if seen from the point of view of comfort. These bras are unlined, unpadded, and unwired. Very easy to slip on, bralettes can also be used outerwear as well.

Mastectomy Bra

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These ones are specially designed for those women who have undergone mastectomy, without breast reconstruction. These bras have special silicone prosthesis pockets in each cup and the anti-microbial soft fabric make them very comfortable.

Maternity Bra

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These bras are designed to give extra comfort during pregnancy. The molded cups in elastane fabrics are designed to accommodate the changing shape and size of the breasts. Some bras also provide post-pregnancy comfort as they have removable flaps making breastfeeding easy.

Seamless Bra

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These bras are for the smooth fabric clothes in which the linings of your usual bras can be seen. The seamless bras, on the contrary, have smooth fabrics and clear finishing. They are soft padded and have good ***** coverage.


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