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chhavi tyagi

digital marketer | Posted on | others

how to delete instagram account?


student | Posted on

Instagram is one of the famous social media applications. It is used in all over the world. To delete the Instagram account, you should follow these steps-

  1. Go to instagram app in mobile phones or instagram website on desktop.
  2. when it is logged in, go to account deletion page.
  3. go to drop down menu where you should write the reason for deleting the account.
  4. When you enter the reason, you should re-enter the password.
  5. Then, click on the "Delete account".



Entrepreneur | Posted on

Kudos for deciding to quit social media!

But guess what, Instagram doesn’t make it easy for users to do that.

First and the most important thing is that you can’t delete Instagram account from your phone app.

You’ll have to login into your account through Instagram web. From your browser, visit and log in.

From there, navigate to your profile page and then accounts setting.

You will find the option to delete Instagram account…


 (Courtesy: Smartprix)

Or, instead of that, simply visit here you will land on the right page.

From there, choose the reason why you are deleting your Instagram account. (Without choosing the reason, you can’t proceed.)

Once the reason is selected, enter the account password as a final confirmation.

And then FINALLY click on the “Permanently delete my account”.

Throughout this process, you will find many copies trying to persuade you from against deleting your Instagram account. Don’t listen! ;)


Remember though that this move is permanent and everything about/of your account will be deleted. So, you won’t be able to retrieve your photos, comments and everything else. In short, you want to be very assured about the move.

If this is just a small sabbatical, you might want to just temporarily disable your account. Even that, you would need to do that from your browser; you can’t do that from the app.

Log in to your account, go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section, scroll down and find the option to ‘Temporarily disable my account’. Click and select the reason why you’re disabling the account. Enter the password as a final confirmation, and then click ‘Temporarily Disable Account’. And you will have your account disabled.

You can enable the account by simply logging using your credentials, on app or browser, any time you want.

(Courtesy: Appslova)

Hope this answer helps.


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