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Jessica Elvin

Digital MArketer | Posted 02 Apr, 2019 |

How to download a movie using torrent sites

Ana Robinson

@DIGITALMARKETER | |Updated 23 Apr, 2019

I recently discovered the following websites below which say that anyone can download movies for free. I would like to know if any, or all of the sites, will give someone legal repercussions if one were to download from the websites. Would you need a superior VPN to extract and download?

Please take a look at the sites and advise me if you think it is not advisable to download.

Any thorough insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Jessica Elvin

Digital MArketer | |Updated 02 Apr, 2019

Now days so many people have craze to download free Hollywood, Bollywood movies, but they can’t download full movie free in HD quality because there are on the web so many sites which are giving movies after pay but most peoples want to latest movies download free in HD quality for this you have to download from torrent websites but So many peoples are confused from torrent sites they do not understand how to use torrent files. And at the time of download movies, they go on the website but on the site they do not understand how links are working and then leave the website. That's why here I am giving some tricks for those peoples who want to know how to download a movie using torrent by this you can easily full HD movies download

You have to follow these steps in order to download movies by torrent.

1. First, you will require a torrent client, software that will download the entire file movie like Utorrent

2. You will require a torrent website from where you can download a torrent file of the movie or any other file you want. make sure But the torrent file is not a movie.

3. After downloading Now open the downloaded software which you download and then select the torrent file which you download from a website. You will notice details of the movie file like name, size, range of files, etc.

4. Then simply click the add button and the software accepts the torrent file, if the internet is on it will begin to connect and soon you will notice that the movie is downloading piece by piece.

5. And then the movie will complete a download.

Then you can enjoy a full movie without stopping or ads!