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Farhan Sadiq

Blogger | Posted 08 Feb, 2019 |

How to earn money from stock market?

Fairy Kumar

@Blogger | |Updated 04 Mar, 2019

We all want to make money, more and more and more. There is no limit to our desires, once we achieve one thing, our mind automatically forms another benchmark to reach the next level of satisfaction. The level of satisfaction derived from one thing varies from person to person. One can feel delighted in just a few pennies but there might exist someone who still cannot find the motivation from her/his huge bank balance.

Well coming to earning money, Stock Market is one of the best platforms we have. The risk is high but never forget, more the risk, more the return! No matter how much financially literate you are, an investor always tends to get a high return. The stock market seems absolutely lucrative but one needs to have a good strategy in place to be able to protect one’s money and make handsome returns.

Investing in the stock market is simple but surely not a child's play. An investor must have a strong knowledge of the stock market and must also exhibit the quality of research capability about the stocks. The stock market will test your passion, patience, and discipline every single day. Never have this thought that you will get a win-win situation while trading. Every single move on the graph of the stock can change a lot in your portfolio. There also does not exist any sure shot formula to generate profit from each trade, it will all depend upon your experience and risk-bearing capacity.

Follow these steps and there you go!

1.  Do your homework:

Study more about the company as much as you can. Past of its stock will automatically help you in forecasting a bit about its future.

2.  Stay updated:

Watch the news daily on TV in the morning. If that's not possible, do not forget to download a few apps like Economic Times, Money Control, etc. to get connected with the latest happenings.

3. Do not be the sheep of the same flock:

Have faith in your calculations, your assumptions, your judgments. Faith, not blind faith. Take expert opinions and then plan your move according.

4. Overconfidence:

Never be overconfident. One wrong decision can spoil all your profits. Stay calm and let your money play!