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How to Measure Social Media Metrics?


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In today’s times, almost everything has gone online. Digital marketing and social media marketing are widely used to scale the growth of companies. But social media is not a piece of cake. Every post and content needs to be appealing and every step strategic. For this social media, the metric is used. It is a process to measure the effects of social media on a company’s profit and growth. It is used to know about the position of a company in the social media market and among the audience.


Here are 10 points to check whether your company has scaled through social media –

1) Followers on different social media platforms
2) Graph of increase in followers
3) Revenue generated from the social media page
4) Audience’s reviews on your brand or company via social media
5) No of influencers talking about your brand or company
6) Number of visitors on different pages and posts.
7) Which social media platform helped you most
8) Number of shares, comments, and likes on each post.

These are some of the points to measure your social media metrics accurately, each point needs to be considered equally and all social media platforms need to be checked. You need to be more strategic if the outcome is not expected for each or some pages. More things need to be checked which depends on the type of social media platform and your business. Like for YouTube, views, minutes watched are also considered. You need to keep a check on your rate of growth. Make sure it is accelerated and not uniform.
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