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how to register to vote?


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How to register to vote in India?

In our democratic country, we have the right to choose the leader as per our choice. But for this it is necessary to vote or vote and for this every citizen of India has to register his vote. After all, voting is your legal right. Let's study through this article how to register or register to vote.

As we know that our country is the largest democratic country in the world. Voting is one of the common features of our democratic country. Its a basic legal right of every Indian citizen. Through this, we can choose our leader who will be able to take our country to new heights. Voting not only enables citizens to vote for political parties, but also helps them realize the importance of citizenship.

Even today, there are many people who do not vote and think that one vote will not change. But if we analyze things and see, a vote also makes a difference. It is our duty to understand and realize the importance of voting. There is no doubt about it,The political foundations of our country are built using elections. Let me tell you here that it is necessary to register your vote for voting. If you have not registered your vote and do not know the process of registration, then through this article you can learn the step of registering your vote.

First let's study who can vote.

Eligibility for voting is:
- He should be a citizen of India.
- Must have attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. January 1, the year of revision of the voter list.
- Where he resides, must be nominated in the electoral rolls of India or in the constituency of the Indian constituency.

There are several ways to file an application:
- The application containing copies of related documents can be filed in person before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.
Also, the post can also be sent to the booth level officer of the polling area or assigned to him.
You can also file an application online.


Procedure to apply online:

- Visit the National Voter Service Portal.

- Click on 'Apply Online for New Voter Registration'.

- A new window will open with Form 6.

- Fill the form and submit.


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