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Posted 24 Mar, 2019 |

how to remove addiction of using mobile?

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 24 Mar, 2019

It seems that all of the world has been contracted into our hands when we talk about mobile phones.They have all the facilities you may need during the day.They are not just to entertain but also serves well to any and all of our needs like booking tickets,news from every corner of the world and much more.These all facilities have ensured that we stay glued to our phones and oh,forget about the options for entertainment.All these factors contribute to the us all having an addiction to our phones so much so that we spend hours of our lives scrolling and using them.So,it's really a menace we need to get rid of.There are certain ways in which we can try.Firstly,pay attention to the weekly updates which give away your screen time as it'll act like a reality check in your live and maybe motivate you to correct your usage.Start taking up any of your hobbies because the less time you have in the day to waste,the less you'll turn to your phones.Replace applications that you may need throughout the day like instead of using an online dictionary,use the real one.This will leave you with less excuses to use your phone.

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 24 Mar, 2019


An object that has made life much easier but on the other hand has taken away the essence of being a human. Undoubtedly, there are a majority of benefits offered by this device but its addiction is a major problem as well.

Mobile addiction is a problem present in people of all age groups, be it children, teens or adults. It is really important to deal with it as it has a lot of hazardous effects on the mental as well as physical health of the people. It also causes wastage of energy and time. A few steps that can be taken to reduce smartphone addiction are:

# Set Limits: Set a daily limit and use your cellphone only for that much of time. Fix curfew hours after which cell phones should not be used by you. This will help in better routines and sound sleep.

# Turn phone off before sleeps: One of the best ways to take a sound sleep is by switching off the cell phones. Some of the researches have proved that the rays emitted by cell phones are harmful to the body.

# Replace: Try to use calculators, clocks, notepads  etc. instead of the virtual forms. Switching on the phone to check time is a major distraction and the person ends up using the phone for a longer period.

# Switch to feature phones: If you are suffering from severe addiction then try switching from smartphones to conventional feature phones like Nokia, even if its for a few weeks.