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satish Agarwal

@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

How to ride when going gets tough for it employee??


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Like they say: when going gets tough, the tough get tougher.

And this is exactly what you must do, whether you’re in IT or any other field, whether you’re a full-time employee or an entrepreneur.  

You’ve got to make peace with everything that’s wrong and keep working. Whether it’s the problems with the boss or the colleagues, you’ve got to face the problems and resolve them. 

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Although I would personally recommend that if you don’t like working here, you must change your job immediately. There’s nothing worse than working in a toxic environment. Look for other opportunities—even if they pay you slightly less but have a good internal framework with good people, go for it. You have no reason to stick to a job that’s making you unhappy.  

If your question is in the context of fewer opportunities in IT, here’s a simple fact: opportunities are NOT less. 

We’re living in a time when if you know how to use a computer and internet, opportunities are in abundance. In fact, we have the greatest number of opportunities right now than ever in history.  

Yes, IT scene has slowed down. But it’s only due to the at-large economy which is affecting virtually every industry. From real estate to manufacturing to fashion—everyone has taken a hit.  

So, don’t assume that being in IT scene, you’re at the disadvantageous position. Going ahead has gotten tough for everyone. And the fact that you’re in IT, you’re actually much better off than millions of people given, among all, Information Technology has the brightest prospect. In whatever capacity you’re related to it, you will always enjoy an advantage over those who are in different industries. 

Besides, here’s a simple fact, even in this economic slowdown in India when the garb of thoughtless startups has slowed down, opportunities are everywhere in IT. There are millions of posts in public and private sector lying vacant. All there’s a shortage of is qualified and technical professionals. 

So, the fact that things have gotten tough for you simply means that your skills and knowledge doesn’t match the market demands. You’re lagging in your niche. You have stopped growing. You’re not as qualified as the employers want. Brutal as this may sound, it’s absolutely true.  

In India, skill is in scarce. So, even when you have completed the graduation and other technical courses, you still lack the right skill and knowledge that the market demands. This is the simple reason, in the current context, the going has gotten tough for you even when opportunities are everywhere in IT. 

(Courtesy: The Asian Age)

In this case, your core priority right now must be to acquire more knowledge and skill to make you more qualified. Do you think you know everything about your niche? Do you think you’re an expert in your subject? Do you believe that you can play a pivotal role in the revenue an organization generates through your skill?  

The answers are likely NO. So, invest in yourself. Advance your skills and knowledge. 

Sure, it won’t be easy. But you’ve got to persist. If you’re tough, you’ve got to become tougher. 

Acquiring new knowledge and skills is the surest way to slay all challenges in your industry, irrespective of whether the economy is booming or has slowed down.  

Hope the answer helps. Good luck!


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