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How to save on energy costs in your home?


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You have to make it a habit.

You have to make it your default mode.

If you really want to save on energy costs in your home, you have to make proactive efforts (and investments) rather than just being passive and acting optionally.

Of course, there are many things you can do.

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In my opinion, here are 6 important things you should do to save on energy costs in your home:

1. If you have kids, teach them about energy conservation. Imagine your parents taught you this. You wouldn’t be asking this here. You would be doing it! (Right?) So, teach your kids why they should save energy. Ask them to switch off the lights and AC before they leave the room. Remind them to not leave the switch on. Small steps like these over the course of months and years will ensure that they grow up to be a responsible world citizen.

2. Invest in energy-efficient appliances. The refrigerator, washing machine, ovens and more – they consume a lot of energy. However, these days, brands are producing many advanced appliances that consume less energy but deliver the same outcome. So, do your research and start replacing such utilities at home. This is more important if they are old and haven’t been serviced in a while.

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3. Regularly audit and service all the electric items at home. Once they get old, they start leaking energy. This leads to a lot of energy wastage. So, keep an eye on them and time to time get them looked by a professional to ensure they are in ace condition.

4. Are you still using the old lights and ACs? Change them ASAP. The traditional lights and ACs use more energy. Replace them with better and energy-efficient alternatives.

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5. Install a smart thermostat. It will help automatically reduce (or turn off) your cooling and heating system depending on the need, when you’re asleep and awake, and when you’re away. It can save you a lot of energy cost.

(Courtesy: Forbes)

6. Insulate your home the right way. Use the right paint, flooring and ceiling type. Install good windows and doors. Build the right passageway for air. Proper insulation will keep the heat outside during summer and retain heat inside during winter. This will save you the cost spent on heating and cooling system.

These are 6 important things you should do to save on energy costs in your home.

Hope this answer helps! :)


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