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How to study more effectively? I manage to make average grades?


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Effective or serious studies are not the ones where you study day and night, but they are the ones where you study for some hours with your 100% focus and 0% distractions.


Average grades are not bad, but they can be improved very easily by keeping in mind certain points:

• Don’t study for marks but for knowledge. Remember the lesson that Three Idiots taught us? Success will follow automatically if you are true to your studies.

• Understand before you learn. Hit whatever you are studying with as much why’s and how’s as you can. When you are clear with the concept, you’ll have no problem in learning it for future.

• Always prepare notes. Your studies are futile if you are not noting the important points. Be it a lecture in school or college, your coaching class, or self-studies, making notes is always an inevitable part of effective studies.

• Whenever you are studying, keep yourself freshened up. You shouldn’t be feeling sleepy or hungry while studying, otherwise your studies will turn to nothing but waste of time.

• Taking breaks in between studies is as important as making notes, because it breaks monotony. Have a break, listen to music, eat something, or play with your pet for some time after finishing every topic. This will help you study for a long time without getting bored.

• Don’t give up on studies because you scored “average” or bad this time. Your average grades should work as a motivation to work harder, because they aren’t bad which means you have the potential which just needs to be channelized in the right direction.


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