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In Mahabharata, how many people left in the Kaurava side are alive?


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Just four. They are Ashwathama, Kritaverma, Sanjaya and Kripacharya.
Before the war began Karna imagined that lone three from Dhritarashtra's military, they are..
Karna-Upanivada Parva, part 802(139).
O Janardana! O Keshava! I saw three from the multitude of Dhritarashtra's child as well, wearing white hats. You know what their identity is—Ashvatthama, Kripa and Satvata Kritavarma. O Madhava! The wide range of various lords were seen with red hats.
Ashwathama, Kritaverma and Kripacharya.
Section 1292(12)
In incredible sadness, the three excess legends, Ashvatthama, Kripa and Satvata Kritavarma, encompassed him. Those three maharathas were likewise shrouded in blood and moaned
Ashvatthama then looked at him and again expressed these words. 'O Duryodhana! In the event that you are as yet alive, tune in to this invite news. There are seven Pandavas left and three on the children of Dhritarashtra. There are the five siblings and Vasudeva and Satyaki. Other than me, there are Kritavarma and Sharadvata Kripa. All the children of Droupadi have been executed and furthermore Dhrishtadyumna's children.
Alongside those three Sanjaya additionally made due as with the goal that he can portray the entire battle to Dhritarashtra as taught by Veda Vyasa.
Section 874(14)
Vaishampayana stated, 'Sanjaya, Gavalgana's child, was savvy. He could see everything, the past, the present and what's to come. In extraordinary misery, he unexpectedly surged from the field of fight to where Dhritarashtra was drenched in idea and disclosed to him that Bhishma.
Thus, absolute 4 individuals are made due from the Kauravas side in the war.



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