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In Mahabharata, what was the reaction of Arjuna after knowing Karna was his brother?


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Karna was without a doubt probably the most grounded fighter of Mahabharata and to murder Karna for Pandavas was important. When the War is finished, all Pandavas alongside Kunti and Gandhari, Dhritarashtra and others accumulated at Kurukshetra for the Final customs of expired.

At the point when the last ceremonies were going on, Kunti requests that Yudhishthira's play out Karna's last ritual, to which Pandavas objects by saying that he had a place with Suta rank, not Pandavs.

At that point Kunti uncover the mystery of Karna's actual Identity and after Pandavas comes to think about Karna's Identity they felt crushed and Yudhishthira sobbed for the deficiency of Karna and says that by one way or another he realized that Karna was not a Suta and I had seen his feet which looked like the feet of Kunti.

Yudhisthira says that on the off chance that he had Arjuna and Karna close by he would have vanquished Lord Krishna himself. Arjuna feels exceptionally upset for executing his own sibling and it was Sage Narada who Pacified Arjuna and Yudhisthira by revealing to them the entire story including the revile given to him. exclusively after this, they were assuaged.

Yudhisthira Says to his mom that in the event that she hadn't kept quiet from him his sibling would not have kicked the bucket. To which she clarifies that it was the wish of Karna that Pandavas ought not come to know his actual personality until the time war is finished. at any rate Yudhisthira reviles all the ladies that they will not have the option to shroud any mystery any longer.



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