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Sweety Sharma

fitness trainer at Gold Gym | Posted 15 Aug, 2018 |

India be in a better position had it been ruled by Indians and not British?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 15 Aug, 2018

Indeed this question is quite intriguing. A blunt answer is NO. It’s unfortunate that we Indians
take democracy as granted and politics as something dirty, reserved for only selected few. These two simple ideas, which I believe is the biggest setback why our country is failing to inch towards definite growth, would have been fatal for the country has a whole.
The railway lines, telephone lines, bridges, many monuments and more—all these have been, excuse my expression, a gift of British to India. If we go by our political will that of today, had we been ruling India back then, few would have really cared about setting up railway lines and installing telephone lines. Our ministers would have been busy claiming power and abusing their status quo. It’s a sad hypothetical reality. Indian would have been worse off had it been ruled by Indians and not English.

Yes, on papers, after 72 years, we have come a long way. But on ground, the reality is just as same as it was so many decades back. There are so many poor people, people are dying of hunger, real illiteracy level exist, electricity hasn’t reached to so many villages and so many villages aren’t yet connected to the rest of the country. The progress could have and should have been better but having British rule isn’t an option. However the current state of affair is better than cruelty that British rule bestowed on Indians.

Excuse me for sounding Pessimist but I have full belief on Indian system and its incompetency. And this system includes not just the government and politicians but also common citizens like you and me.

So many people lost their lives under British rule. The country struggled. People fought for human rights. BUT to believe that India would have been positioned in a much better place was it ruled by Indians is absurd on many levels. We’re ruling now, aren’t we?!

What they did to India , is enough.... we cannot expect more!

(Courtesy: Countercurrents)