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What are all the sins in Hinduism?


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Hinduism recognizes three classes of sins - Mahapatakas(grave sins),Upapatakas(secondary sins) and Prakirna or Prakirna patakas(minor sins).

1.Mahapatakas(grave sins)

indicating disregard to an instructor

murdering a Brahmana


Taking endlessly the riches

Mahapatakas can't be killed or washed away without experiencing their results.

2. Upapatakas(secondary sins)

selling inebriating drinks.

bringing about the disappointment of one's master.

giving bogus observer, making bogus cases.

disregarding the pledge of abstinence (brahmacharya)

cutting of trees.

taking cash for showing the Vedas,

Minor burglaries

3. Prakirna patakas. (Minor sins)

slaughtering a lady.

contemplating taboo Shastras.

slaughtering creepy crawlies.

brutality to guardians


wedding the more youthful child before wedding the senior one

Prakirna patakas can be washed away formally by performing penances and expiatory services (prayaschitta) or by communicating regret and looking for absolution.



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