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Kundan Singh

HVAC Engineer | Posted on | Education

What are career options of an HVAC design engineer?


Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted on

HVAC stands for Heavy, Vehicular & Air Conditioning system. The HVAC System is necessary for Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineering, Thermo Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer Studies & many more. HVAC system is an integral part of mechanical engineering or industrial engineering parts. HVAC career options are very lucrative & have a wider scope. The future of mechanics & HVAC businesses is bright. Some of the career options to opt-in HVAC systems are as follows:
One can perform a business or start own company or setup specializing in the HVAC system.

Become a freelance consultant.
Work in planning development of HVAC Company
Work for an HVAC consultant & leaning customer networking
HVAC systems Engineer or HVAC system design engineer
HVAC systems Administrator
HVAC design manager or Head
HVAC contractor but one needs to invest a significant amount of capital
Ph.D. in the specialization of Mechanical Engineering (HVAC systems), Thermo Engineering, Thermo Dynamics, Industrial Engineering or Fluid Dynamics.
One can even opt for an MBA degree with a specialization in Operations or Supply Chain Management. Along with their jobs & this will help in making your career bright along with significant knowledge in related fields.


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