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Gautam Mahajan

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What are some of the Amazing Science Facts you have ever heard in your Life?


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Science can astonish your minds, numb you or we can say blow your mind. Behind every fact, there is an underlying science which we are completely unaware of. We can never deny the existence of science in any process.Letsdiskuss

1) Everyone’s your relative – Shocked to hear? Yes, everyone is your relative in this world. All of the humans have 99 per cent of the DNA common and also we have 98 per cent of DNA common with the chimpanzee.
2) Ears on the stomach – This is again shocking. Grasshoppers have an abdomen under their wings and the membrane which receive sound are placed on it. So technically, grasshoppers have ears on their stomach.
3) Body full of bacteria – Researches have found that 95 per cent of cells of our body are bacteria and a maximum of them are located in the digestive tract.
4) Tongue’s sunscreen – Giraffe’s tongue is almost 20 inches in length and giraffe takes it completely out to taste leaves. So it has a protective layer to protect it from UV rays.
5) Radioactive bananas – Yes, bananas are radioactive. They contain a mineral called potassium which is radioactive. But be easy, you can eat a banana. If you eat 1 crore banana at a time, you may die of radiation. But you can’t ..Funny.
6) Anti-gravity Helium – When helium is extremely cooled, it spills out as an upward fountain defying gravity through the molecular gaps of the container… strange to imagine.
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