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Travels Mantra

Traveler | Posted 18 Apr, 2019 |

What are some of the most beautiful unexplored places in the world?

jeffrebel home

Blogger | Posted 27 Apr, 2020

Greenland is the biggest island on the planet. It is likewise the Northernmost nation on the planet. The Kaffeklunnen Island of Greenland is only 442 miles from the North Pole. Strikingly, Greenland is spread over a tremendous territory of 8,36,300 square miles and 80 level of it secured by ice. It is the specific motivation behind why Greenland stay least investigated and underpopulated. By 2017, just 56239 individuals live in this huge island.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 18 Apr, 2019

It is said that travelling is food for the soul.So,it is imperative to take out time every once in a while to blow off some steam and rejuvenate yourselves,allowing yourself to witness the majestic beauty that engulfs our planet.Though we have all been to the hyped-up places in the world but there are some corners of the world that have been undiscovered by us.Below are some of the few:

1.North Sentinel Island,India;

This beauty is located in the middle of the Bay of Bengal off the southernmost tip of Myanmar.It has been undiscovered because it is somewhat secluded with only a sum of 300 people residing in it.The locals have had unexpected reactions to the exploring of the island which is why it is what it is.


This place has 6 totally new islands hiding in it’s *****.The far northern regions are yet to be discovered.These were found around decades back but habitation here is still low as most of it is covered by ice caps.

The above are the two most beautiful yet undiscovered places I could’ve found.