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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | Education

What are some tips to score well in Physics Board Exams?


Teacher | Posted on

Be it any exam and any subject, the fear and stress of scoring well are always there in a student. Physics, for every science stream student, is a subject which scares him/her off. The effort and dedication that this particular subject needs can even eat up a student’s time which might have been kept aside for some other subject.

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A little bit of planning and concentration, however, can make you score well in Physics easily.

• Always study Physics when your mind is truly refreshed. The heavy concepts of Physics need to be dealt with a lot of attention.

• To increase your concentration power, exercise or practice Yoga.

• Physics is better done on the basis of concepts, rather than chapters. Make a list of all the important concepts and write all the formulae against them. This will help you keep some concepts on your tips forever.

• Do not take NCERT lightly. Even if you are studying from other reference books, jump on them only after studying NCERT very thoroughly. Twice, if possible.

• Do not leave any topic or concept unprepared as all the topics are interrelated to each other in Physics.

• Physics needs as much practice as Math. Even more, in fact. So do not just stop after solving some questions related to a concept or theory. Try solving as many questions as possible. And don’t neglect previous year question papers.

• Make proper notes, especially that of flowcharts and diagrams. They will help you in revision at the last moment.


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