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Trishna Dhanda

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What are the health benefits of garlic?


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Garlic, which is used in different dishes is one of the best vegetables which has many health

benefits. The benefits of garlic are all because of the presence of a chemical in it, named

allicin. It is seen that garlic is effective if it is taken daily for 8 weeks. It reduces high

cholesterol levels in our body and protects our heart by maintaining blood pressure levels.



can also fight cancer by reducing its growth, contains anti­inflammatory properties and

that’s why it is used to cure cartilage damage in arthritis. It also has the power to improve

our immunity power. Garlic is also good for skin and hair due to its antioxidants and

antibacterial properties. It prevents acne and protects the hair from itchiness. There are

several ways on how to use garlic for good health.

If 5­6 cloves of garlic are mixed with boiled milk, jaggery, and turmeric and taken then it

cures cold and cough. As it has anti­inflammatory properties it helps in healing wounds

when mixed with butter. Also, garlic reduces menstrual pain if it is boiled and taken with a

glass of water. Honey­garlic combination is the most effective of all homemade remedies

which help to boost our immune system. Health benefits from garlic are only effective if it is

consumed raw as it is not beneficial if used as a supplement.



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