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Kaushal Garg

CEO & Founder... | Posted 16 Jun, 2018 |

What are the Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad?

Mia Olivia

Student, Freelancer | Posted 30 Sep, 2019

Study abroad is a great decision. Everyone want to go their for study. Its like a dream comes true. There are many famous countries where we can go for study. 

1. Canada

2. New Zealand

3. Australia

4. Singapore

5. Fiji

6. USA

7. South Africa

 These all countries are the top countries for studying. Believe me all these countries are safe. so if you want to go in theses countries apply now for your study visa. Hire best study visa consultant for getting your visa. 

Mike William

CEO | Posted 13 Jun, 2019

These are some affordable places to study abroad:


South Africa

Are you appearing for 12th exam in 2020 and want to study B.Tech abroad????

Number of students every year aspires to study Engineering in elite institutions, such as IITs and NITs or some other institutions. Due to neck to neck competition very few could grab this opportunity.
It is easily seen, many students spent more than years to get into their desired one. And if even not, they feel much stressed, worried and tense, at many instances the tension convert into a sense of black whole or committing suicide.
But, I think, “Many students are unaware about the opportunities being provided at European Universities.
You can easily study engineering without any tuition Fees with scholarship in Italy. B.Tech is only 3 years course there, so you will easily save one year also. Italian universities enjoy world reputation and the quality of education at par with multiple future oriented courses.
University application for these universities starts from September and continues till March.
Few students from Indian are already getting benefited, but many are still away. Why to waste your valuable time and roast yourself in neck to neck competition if can get, what you desire and deserve. To study in Abroad in itself is a wonderful experience along with many experiences.

To know more check out this link:

Robert Allardice

Blogger | Posted 30 May, 2019

Best place to study abroad are:

1. German

2. France

3. China

4. Japan

5. Singapore

6. Denmark

7. Spain


Posted 30 May, 2019

Germany, France, Poland, etc are famous for education but there will not be further option to stay back but Canada is a better option not only in terms of quality but also PSW and PR options are available.

Southern SeasEducation

Overseas Study Consultants | Posted 12 Apr, 2019

Well answer to this question depends on various factors.

1) Your subject (Stream) of interest

2) Your financial flexibility

3) Your future vision

4) The scope of the subjects

and many other factors. There are many  Overseas Education Consultancy in every town which can guide you to select the right country, a course for you and help out in the final step decision making. They have many roles to play which include helping students to find courses, university, helping to get partial or full scholarships to study abroad and guiding to get an educational loan and others.

Some of the services that you can expect the overseas consultants are as under:
*    Profile Evaluation- The consultants usually hire career counsellors who thoroughly are known to evaluate the students' profile and thus discuss all your needs to understand all your requirements.
*    University Shortlisting: They simply help in finalizing the list of reputed universities that offer the real course you wish to study.
*    Financial Documents- The overseas counsellors help the students to prepare the financial documents with the help of sharing samples for the students' guidance, which include your academic transcripts along with the scorecards.
*    Editing Services: The educational consultants are known to have some of the skilled editors that offer a wide range of editing services for the supporting documents like the statement of purpose or recommendation letters, essays and resumes, etc. The good part of this service is that most of the students are seen availing to get these documents custom made to get shortlisted for scholarships.
*    Application Material and Procedure - The consultants help people to complete your application material along with applying to the colleges of your choice.
*    Query Handling: This simply goes throughout the process of counselling wherever the students get stuck, and this is where they assist you.

Well, you can contact us for further details. Our website is


swapnil patel

Blogger | Posted 05 Jan, 2019


bappa d

Blogger | Posted 26 Dec, 2018

Germany is the Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

Alex Ubokwe

teacher | Posted 26 Oct, 2018

Here is a list of countries where you can think of to apply for your respective course or program . Believe me these countries are really safe for you in every manner and hardly hampers your pocket…

1. Germany

2. Denmark

3. spain

4. Mexico

5. Taiwan

6. China

7. Belgium

8. Finland’

9. France

10. Turkey

11. Italy

12. Norway

Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | |Updated 17 Jun, 2018

Rise in getting quality higher education can be seen in indian students who are enrolling for better option far from home . Indian market appreciating degree and experience from top foreign universities has rather than indian degree is the prime reason for sudden change , also it enables student to job for global market for better career options.

For indian students best option to apply for further studies can be

According to an international survey about 14% of international student in canada are indians , thus making it a prime choice of gathering good education. With new immigrations policies and a flexible system helping students in balancing both there on & off campus life. With high quality of life and no language barrier students face very little problem fitting in. International students typically spend anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 Canadian dollars(12-15 lakh) annually that covers their tuition as well as living expenses.

With 14 universities and 24 poly-technology school Finland portray as paradise for international student who wants to pursue their future in architecture and design, environmental sciences as well as technology programs. With its rich natural beauty and accessible scholarship for talented international students for both undergraduate and masters programs. The tuition fees range from 4,000-20,000 EUROS (INR 2-14 Lacs) per year. The cost of living too is quite affordable at around 700-800 EUROS (INR 55,000-60,000, approx.) per month.

Being the most accessible and study option, many international students apply for Italy in European region . With its rich cultural heritage and more importantly not only low tuition fees that starts from 12000 to 18000 Euro (9 to 13 Lakhs) but also reasonably low living cost it serves a good option. The most popular study option in Italy are Masters in Fashion Designing, Architecture Master degrees in Italy and Visual Arts Master degrees in Italy. Thus being a student in Italy surely means making full out of your student life, with multiple festivals whole country serves as a carnival most of year.

4.New Zealand
The annual living expense of an international student is determined by the choice of university made by them. Government of New Zealand do suggest every student to at least take 15,000 dollari.e 7.5 lakh Indian rupee to cover their expense during the first year. Due to its flexible and supporting immigration programs cost of living suits for every student .