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Ali Raza

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What are the new RTO rules?


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12 disaster changes in traffic rules which everyone want to knows are given below : 

1. Penalty of 25,000 rupees for driving a minor, registration of car will be cancelled and driving license of minor will not be made till 25 years of age.

2. A fine of 500 to 1500 rupees for driving a two-wheeler without a helmet, earlier it was 100 to 300 rupees.Letsdiskuss  
3. The penalty which was earlier Rs 100 for sitting 3 people on a two wheeler was now Rs 500. 
4. In the absence of a pollution certificate, earlier Rs 100 had to be paid, now 500 rupees will have to be paid.
5. If found driving without a driving license, now you have to pay 5000 rupees instead of 500. 

6. For dangerous driving, now you have to pay 5 thousand rupees instead of 1000 rupees . 
7. Talking on the phone during driving, you will have to fill up to 5,000 rupees instead of 1 thousand.
8. If driving in the wrong direction, now you have to pay up to 5,000 rupees instead of 1,100. 
9. The penalty earlier on jumping red light was only 100 rupees, now it has become 10,000.  
10. A fine of 1000 rupees will now have to be paid for driving without a seat belt.
11. The fine has now been increased to 10,000 for driving drunk.
12. A fine of Rs 10,000 for not giving side to emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire brigades.


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