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What are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?


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The problem of skin cancer is not easily seen, initially its symptoms seem quite minor but gradually it takes terrible form. Today we will tell you such symptoms of skin cancer that you will be surprised to know for a moment. The problem of skin cancer is increasing nowadays. This is a dangerous disease. This problem can be caused by anyone staying in the sun for long time.The parts of the body on which the rays of the sun fall directly on them, such as fingers, palm, toe skin, nail skin, there is a higher risk of cancer. There are many reasons towards getting skin cancer, due to which there are many changes in the body, if the changes are not recognized and treated in time, then it can be fatal. Today, we will tell you about the changes in the body due to skin cancer and its home remedies, which can be avoided to a great extent by using circumcision like skin cancer.

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Types of skin cancer

Basal cell carcinoma :  This type of cancer affects the lower layer of the skin. Basal cancer occurs on the part of the body, where the sunlight falls more. 

Squamous cell carcinoma : It occurs in the cells of the upper part of the skin but does not occur on other parts of the body. It is very important to get it treated in time, otherwise it can be fatal. 

Melanoma : It is the most dangerous of skin cancer. It affects the skin cells that give skin color. That is the fastest skin cancer spread. On its presence, the skin looks very dirty, so it is necessary to treat it immediately. 


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