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What are the top 10 apps for iPhone users?


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You have got an iPhone and now looking for some cool apps? It's quite amazing that iPhone operating system is more than 10 years old and the first iPhone couldn't even run on third party apps and now there are more than 2 million apps in Apple store that ranges from excellent to awful. Below are 10 cool apps that must be on an iPhone:

1. Evernote: It makes you more productive while you are away from our your desk. This free, user friendly note-taking app makes your life easier when you have got something to write.

2. Flip-board: This is app not less than a digital magazines. It is free to download and only requires an account to login.

3. Gmail: Simple yet classic, this Google's app is a brilliant tool of communication as long as you use Google's mail service.

4. Google Maps: Lost somewhere? confused where to go? this app gives you direction turn by turn and can tell you estimate travel time with using its own integration.

5. Instagram: The number-one photo sharing app on the internet is everyone's favorite and has surpassed Flickr.

6. Amazon Kindle: It gives you reading a book experience on your phone. With help of this app you can download a lot of books on your phone.

7. Trip: Unique and quirky app that helps you in find what's happening in your city.

8. VSCO: An amazing photo editing app for posting flawless pictures on social media sites.

9. WLPPR: This app offers you a lot of backgrounds for your home and screen lock.

10. Netflix: For movie buffs this app is heaven, a lot of movies on the go but this is one of the few apps included here that costs money, with subscriptions starting at $7.99 per month.



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These are top 10 apps for Iphone Users.






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