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ashutosh singh

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What did Draupadi teach to Satyabhama?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

Sathyabama and Krishna went to meet pandavas and Draupadi,
Sathyabama asked how her spouses are submissive to her. Is that in view of her appeal or some fiendish techniques.
What's more, the slim waisted Satyabhama, the most loved spouse of Krishna and the girl of Satrajit, at that point asked Draupadi in private, saying, 'By what conduct is it, O little girl of Drupada, that thou workmanship ready to administer the children of Pandu- - those legends endued with quality and magnificence and like unto the Lokapalas themselves? Delightful woman, how could it be that they are so loyal to thee and are never furious with thee? Without question the children of Pandu, O thou of dazzling highlights, are ever accommodating to thee and careful to do thy authoritative, Tell me, O woman, the explanation of this. Is it practice of promises, or parsimony, or chant or medication at the hour of the shower (in season) or the viability of science, or the impact of young appearance, or the recitation of specific formulae, or Homa, or collyrium and different medicaments? Reveal to me now, O princess of Panchala, of that favored and propitious thing by which, O Krishna, Krishna may actually be devoted to me."
Draupadi was stunned and said how the pandavas are submissive to her.
'Thou askedest me, O Satyabhama, of the acts of ladies that are evil. How might I answer thee, O woman, about the reason that is sought after by underhanded females?
She said that she doesn't do whatever an underhanded lady does.
Hear now, O renowned woman, of the conduct I receive towards the high-souled children of Pandu. Keeping aside vanity, and controlling longing and fierceness, I generally present with commitment the children of Pandu with their spouses. Controlling envy, with profound dedication of heart, without a feeling of corruption at the administrations I perform, I stand by upon my spouses. Ever dreading to absolute what is shrewd or bogus, or to look or sit or stroll with inappropriateness, or cast looks characteristic of the sentiments of the heart, do I serve the children of Pritha
She was pulled in to any men other than her spouses. She eat, rest and shower after her significant other.
Divine, or man, or Gandharva, youthful or decked with trimmings, affluent or attractive of individual, none else my heart liketh. I never wash or eat or rest till he that is my better half hath washed or eaten or dozed,- - till, truth be told, our chaperons have washed, eaten, or dozed. Regardless of whether getting back from the field, the timberland, or the town, hurriedly ascending I generally salute my better half with water and a seat. I generally keep the house and all family unit articles and the food that will be taken all around requested and clean. Cautiously do I keep the rice, and serve the food at the best possible time.
She never blows up.
I never enjoy irate and touchy discourse, and never copy ladies that are evil.



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