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What happens after you recover from Coronavirus?


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Corona is a deadly virus spreading covid 19 exponentially since its onset. There’s no medicine created to curb it and one can only be safe by being more aware. There are many ways for the virus to reach a person’s body, be through air, hands, some bought stuff, railings etc. Even after taking care of the slightest thing, a person has a good chance to get infected. When a person gets infected by a coronavirus, his/her body starts feeling weak initially, the person starts feeling tired and dizzy initially and ends up with cough, fever and problem in breathing. There are many other symptoms like cold, eve problems, skin problems etc. observed in people. This can be due to the wide range of mutants of coronavirus. It takes almost 14 days for a person's body to fight and recover from this disease. In many people, covid causes weight loss and blood loss which remains constant even after getting rid of the corona. Corona reports get negative but even then it leaves its impressions as long term effects. The person becomes weaker and immunity decreases. In cases where patients are hospitalized and kept on ventilators, their lungs get some permanent lung damage. It makes the patient more prone to other diseases. Few of such patients have been reported for heart issues, which has weakened due to covid. Many people have reported dizziness, heavy head, body pains, and fatigue even after a long term of recovery. Not all feel such symptoms, and be all healthy after recovering. These major post-recovery symptoms can be curbed with the help of a balanced diet, exercise, necessary medications, and preventive measures.Letsdiskussimage source- webmd.com


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