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what is google updates november 2018?


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There isn’t any planned Google update for November 2018. So, nothing to look forward to here this month.

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However, there have been few announcements here and there in regard to Google products. For instance, the company announced few new features for Google Assistant recently. It includes enhanced two-way broadcast message from your Google Assistant to Smart Speaker. 

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Another feature is ‘Routine’ that are integrated with your Android clock app. Once you turn off the alarm in the morning, a series of actions will be taken automatically in accordance to your routine. Like, briefing you about the news, giving you traffic updates, providing reminders from your today’s “to-do”, and more. Certainly, Google Assistant is all up-and-ready to outdo Siri in every form. 

In another report, Google confirmed that it is working on the November update of Pixel 2016. The process is in the final testing stage and will soon be available once they “are confident the update is ready”. 

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Few other Google updates include: 

· Google confirmed that Android officially supports the foldable phone. 

· With Pixel taking the center stage, Nexus series is bidding us farewell. 

· Google Camera now supports Night Sight across all Pixel phones. 

· Google Plus is coming to an end. (It’s an old news actually) 

· Google’s “File Go” has been renamed to “Files By Google” 

Aside from these, there aren’t any major Google updates in any of its product. Let’s wait and see how December pans out.


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