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what is happiness?


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There is no such definition of happiness. Everyone has a different perspective of being happy. In simple words, Happiness is something that makes you feel good and happy. For example, Happiness for me is simply watching series with my friends. For some, happiness may be considered as spending time with their family. And for some, it may be spending time alone or traveling the world. So, there is no perfect definition of happiness. Letsdiskuss


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Happiness is a positive emotional state of mind and it comes from within.Feelings like contentment, joy, and satisfaction can be reasons for happiness.It can be different for different people. and people with no money and living in poverty can also be happy.Happiness can be found in people who are extrovert as they are more expressive. Love and Companionship can brings happiness and smile on our face,Love, in any form, brings happiness to our lives.. Happiness and unhappiness are inseparable, and unless you face unhappiness or feel sad in life you would never know when you are happy.



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