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Posted 26 Feb, 2020 |

What is the difference between normal AC and inverter technology AC

Aditya Sehgal

Blogger | Posted 26 Feb, 2020

You may have heard about the inverter technology AC becoming popular in India these days. What is the difference between a normal AC and an inverter technology AC? Our answer will let you know the difference!

How do conventional AC works?
When your room is hot, the compressor of the normal AC gets switched on and cools the room after reaching the desired temperature; the compressor is switched off.

Now when the room temperature goes up than the set temperature, the compressor again starts to cool the room.

During this process of the compressor going on and off, the normal AC ends up consuming lots of power units and leads to huge monthly power bills.

How an inverter AC does works?
The difference between a standard and inverter AC is that the compressor of the latter one is controlled by the inverter circuit. In this case, the compressor reduces the speed once the set temperature is achieved.

Once the temperature is down, then it increases its speed leaving the room stay cooler. Thus, in an inverter AC, the switching on and off the compressor does not happen. 

It leads to lesser electricity units being consumed and helps you pay up to 20-30% lesser power bills compared to a traditional AC.

The difference between normal AC and inverter technology AC is now disclosed. You are now aware why a large number of customers go for an inverter AC these days. 

It may mean investing a bit more than a normal AC initially, but it guarantees bigger savings on power bills for years to come. 
We hope that you have got your answer!