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Ali Khan

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What is the Difference Between The Old & New AdWords Interface


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Honestly, since the day they have started with all the account limitations and forcing users to spend money on Ads, I have literally stopped using Google AdWords. And with Facebook and Insta ads delivering much higher ROI, I have no reason to return back to Google PPC for the time being.

Recently, two of my accounts have been suspended for not spending anything in the past 12 months. Before, I used to spend hours every day using the Keyword Planner. Today, SEMrush and few other free tools (Ubersuggest and KeywordTool.io) are my go-to. I rarely go to AdWords now.  

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However, that being said, the last few times when I did go to Google AdWords, I kinda liked the new interface. It was much cleaner and sleek with easier navigation. All the key features that I actually use were right up front.  

Less crunched when compared with the older Google AdWords, the new one gives you enough space to breathe and just browse around. It is very appealing to the beginners who are just starting with the PPC campaigns.  

Also, using Google AdWords on mobile has become much easier and powerful. Features like bid adjustments for calls are as handy as it gets, making it much easier to champion Google ads even on your phone.  

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There are plenty of other minor changes and upgrades that webmasters would likely find very helpful—be it the promotion extension or a much interactive and intensive reporting.  

Overall, the changes in the new Google AdWords looks fine and well-thought to provide advertisers with more power. If I was still using AdWords, I would be thrilled with all that is available now. 


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