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What is the exact meaning of success and happiness?


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Some definitions for "success" include modifying it by "personal." For example, personal success means reaching what has been previously deemed as your own set of standards and goals when attempting something new or attempting something outside your comfort zone.

For example, if you mean to search for success, then success is when a person or group of people reach their full potential. If you mean to search for happiness, then happiness is feeling good about yourself in general and in the present moment.





Success and happiness are two concepts that only those who live a life of luxury and perfection can truly understand. The rest of us struggle to attain these two ideals.


Happiness, or joy, is an emotional or psychological state of well-being characterized by positive emotions starting from cantonment to intense joy. Success is achieving one’s goal or desired outcome. 


Success and happiness are two concepts that many people think are synonymous with each other but they are not! They can exist independently of each other and success does not inherently equal happiness. As humans we want to be happy and succeed in our lives but it's important not to confuse the two successful things as being the same thing because they simply aren't.


We all want to be successful, we want to be happy but what makes us happy isn’t always the same thing that sets us up for success. This is where many people lose sight of their goals. They can’t clearly determine what will make them happy when they achieve a certain goal because they don’t know how to define happiness or what makes one person happy will not necessarily make someone else happy. Some people are achievement oriented while others are more interested in experiencing life.


It is also important to understand that not everyone achieves happiness simply by achieving success. The sad truth is that some of the most successful people are miserable and unhappy with their lives.

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