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Ashar Siddiqui

@letsuser | Posted 08 Oct, 2018 |

What’s the worst physical pain that you’ve ever suffered through?

Ashar Siddiqui

@letsuser | Posted 09 Nov, 2018

It is different for every individual. We each have our own levels of pain tolerance and there are many causes and reasons for why different people have different degrees of pain they can endure. Also, chronic pain blunts a person’s awareness of his level of pain as a defense mechanism so that what they can tolerate increases in self defense. If I was fully aware of everything in my body that hurts, I could do nothing. I would be too busy trying to survive the pain. Not a pleasant way to live.

Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted 09 Oct, 2018

I don’t know why people say Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota (men don’t feel pain), because I have suffered through a lot of physical pain throughout my life.

It was due to the expectations that our society has from men, in terms of strength. I’m a not-so-tall and thin guy, and I’m not suffering from any kind of disease. In my childhood however, I was very weak for a boy and that was a real disappointment for my parents.


I never understood why my dad wanted me to run miles when I felt more comfortable while playing chess at home. I don’t know why my mom always expected me to carry heavier-than-my-own-weight sacks of wheat flour through the stairs of our flat which was on fourth floor.

If I denied because the weight was too painful for my limbs, she used to sigh and say, “Oh god, was it for this day that you gave me a son?” It used to make me feel bad about myself, as if I am handicapped or disabled.

It was then that I decided to resist the pain and try doing all the boyish and manly stuff. I started playing football, gave up chess, I used to carry loads of weight, not only for my mother, but at my dad’s factory as well.

This pretentious manhood became the reason of the worst physical pain of my life as while in my dad’s factory I attempted to carry double load just to prove my worth as a man. I had my arm broken and head injured due to the fall I had. That was the worst physical pain because it was mixed with greater degrees of emotional pain. It was the pain of the failure of my manhood.