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What should I absolutely not do when visiting the USA?


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You should absolutely not forget to tip a waiter while visiting the USA. Do not neglect to tip when you eat in a restaurant or catch a taxi. If your country doesn’t have a tipping practice, the US does, and it’s regarded very rude to stiff a waitress who works on a tipping wage because that’s not the practice where you’re from.


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Scarcely any individuals don't care for what I have composed underneath, in light of the fact that my answer is demonstrating what isn't to be done in USA.

Let me reveal to you all. It's the inquiry which is posing to call attention to what not to do (or negatives), so I am coming clean. Unquestionably there are 1000s of positives of USA which can be a different answer. Furthermore, have been talked about in India since autonomy trillions of time on regular schedule, so why not examine the opposite side of story.

I am composing from Indian point of view:

Try not to mislead custom official about stuff you are bringing.

In the event that an alluring young lady grins at you, don't think she enjoys you.

Try not to catch a ride in the event that you are straight. Its probable that you will wind up with a gay in his vehicle. He may give you some astonishing things.

While requesting food at a cheap food chain don't remain before clerk and choose about the food thing you will arrange. Individuals discover it truly irritating. Or maybe remain a good ways off to make sense of and afterward approach a clerk.

Try not to keep an open liquor bottle in you vehicle. Its unlawful.


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