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What technology could motorcycles benefit from that would make them safer to ride?


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1. V2V Tech For Motorcycles Could Keep Riders Safe .

2. Cruiser Airbag Jackets and Vests

Notwithstanding present day, improved bike head protectors are imaginative airbag coats and vests, which spare lives by rapidly extending with air in the seconds preceding a mishap. Initially protected in Hungary in 1976, the present nonexclusive airbag coats work with C02 canisters worked in to the coats, which are punctured and fill air chambers quickly when the coats are disengaged from motorbikes by means of cord.

Inside a fourth of a second of detachment, the coat air pockets top off with air, diminishing rider effect speeds and power up to 64%; a huge decrease, which can have a significant effect in sparing a rider's life.

These airbag vests and coats are viable especially in light of the vitality moves they can back off. Italian cruiser gear maker Dianese revealed an over 90% diminishing in moved vitality for accident cases with an airbag coat present when contrasted with those without.

While these arrangements are intricate, now and again costly bits of security hardware, their lifesaving potential is constantly worth the venture. Some contemporary models can be purchased online for under $500; a sticker price effectively worth your life in the awful case of a bike mishap out and about. A large number of these airbag coat models additionally highlight pockets and back cushioning space for back defenders, which exponentially increment these coats' security capacities.


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