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Sumil Yadav

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What things can you do in China that you cannot do in the USA?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

• In China, you can’t forward fake news on WhatsApp – in the USA, you can.


• In China, you can lose yourself in the sea of people – in the USA, you can’t.


• In China, you can be a proud atheist and be respected for that belief – in the USA, you can’t. (Read: Discrimination against atheists in the USA) Btw, did you know the Chinese Government is officially atheist? The country also homes the largest population of non-believers.


• In China, you can leave without giving a tip to anyone and nobody will think you’re an a$%hole – in the USA, you can’t.


• In China, you can be relatively safe at night without any fear of violent crime – in the USA, you can’t. (Of course, if you take a stand against the Chinese government, you won’t be safe no more. But that’s a whole different conversation.)


• In China, you can eat a bat without people treating you like a lunatic – in the USA, assumingly and hopefully, you can’t. (Read: Bat as food)



(Courtesy: DailyMail)


• In China, you can ride a bicycle quite safely thanks to wider lanes – in the USA, you can’t. (Did you know, on average, 742 cyclists die in fatal bicycle accidents each year in the USA? Read Bike Death Statistics 2020)


• In China, you can (and must) call yourself a communist – in the USA, not really. (Read: America's obsession with rooting out communism is making a comeback)


(Courtesy: Asia Times)


• In China, you can find good opportunities in government departments if you’re affiliated with the communist party – in the USA, there are no such favors.


• In China, you can commute easily and at cheap with excellent transportation infrastructure in cities – in the USA, you can’t.


(Courtesy: ZDNet)


• In China, you can live without a car – in the USA, not so much. 

These are some of the things you can do in China but can’t in the USA. (Of course, some of these are pretty lame and sarcastic lol)
Honestly, despite it being such a developed country, there’s not much good to say about it. I am sure the Chinese people are very lovely and the sweetest. But gripped in neo-authoritarianism, China is a shell of what it could actually be and all the good it can do for the world.  
Call me old-school but: No matter how flawed, a democratic society will always be 100x more appealing than autocracy and oligarchy.
I hope this answers your question.



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