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What was the explanation given by Lord Krishna to Pandavas regarding Kali Yuga?


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The Question of the Pandavas
Once, the Pandavas: Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva (aside from Dharmaraj) moved toward Lord Krishna. They asked, "O! Ruler Krishna, if you don't mind mention to us what the Kaliyuga will resemble as it is quick drawing closer." Lord Krishna answered, " I will reveal to you about the forthcoming Yuga called the Kaliyuga however before that you should accomplish something. I will shoot four bolts into the four bearings. Every one of you need to go to one heading to recover that bolt for me. Mention to me what you see at where you discover the bolt." With these words, Lord Krishna stood up and shot four bolts one after another into the four bearings. The four Pandavas went looking for a bolt each.
1. The First Arrow
Arjuna rode quick behind the main bolt. Before long, he found the bolt. When he got it, he heard a sweet melody. On looking for the source, he found that the sweet melody was that of the cuckoo which is viewed as a propitious feathered creature. The voice of the cuckoo was spellblinding yet it had a live hare under its paws. In the middle of the tune, the cuckoo would rip tissue off the hare and eat it. The hare, still alive was in awful agony. Arjuna was shocked at this sight and got back to Lord Krishna.
2. The Second Arrow
Bhima went looking for the subsequent bolt. He saw that the bolt was stuck in a spot that had five wells. One very much was in the center and the others were encompassing it. The four wells outwardly were flooding with the best water, however the one in the center was totally vacant. Bhima was confounded and gotten back to Lord Krishna with the bolt.
3. The Third Arrow
Nakula went looking for the third bolt. At the point when he got the bolt, he saw a group close by. At the point when he went to perceive what the uproar was about, he saw that a cow was licking its infant calf. The calf was totally perfect however the cow continued licking. Individuals were attempting to move the calf away from the dairy animals however they couldn't do it before the calf was harmed widely and was dying. Nakula considered how a devout and quiet creature like a dairy animals could do this to its own infant. In view of this, he got back to the Lord.
4. The Fourth Arrow
Sahadeva went searching for the last bolt. The bolt had wound up close to a mountain. As he looked on, a major stone was removed and started roaring its way down. It squashed tremendous trees on its way yet was halted by a little, frail plant. This horrified Sahadeva. He surged back to Lord Krishna to get some information about what he had seen.

Back to Lord Krishna
The siblings got back to Lord Krishna with the bolts. They set the bolts at Lord Krishna's feet and mentioned him to clarify the significance of the secretive sights that every one of them had seen. Master Krishna grinned and started clarifying.
The Meaning of the First Scene
Master Krishna stated, "In Kaliyuga, the devout men and holy people will resemble the cuckoo. They will all have sweet words yet they will misuse and deliver torment on their devotees like the cuckoo was doing to the helpless hare."
The Meaning of the Second Scene
Ruler Krishna proceeded, "In Kaliyuga, poor people and the rich will live in a similar territory. The rich will be flooding with fortune, yet they won't extra a solitary coin to help the helpless like the dry generally welcomed not a drop of water from the encompassing wells that were flooding with water."
The Meaning of the Third Scene
Master Krishna took a gander at Nakula and stated, "in Kaliyuga, guardians will cherish their youngsters so intensly that they will wind up ruining them. In a similar way that the bovine wrecked its calf by licking, guardians will upset their kids' lives with an excessive amount of adoration. The connection with the kids will be so much that the guardians will get oblivious in regards to all different connections in their lives."
The Meaning of the Fourth Scene
To Sahadeva, Lord Krishna stated, "The individuals of Kaliyuga will race to their fate like the stone you saw. Enormous trees are emblematic of advantages in life like family members, family, companions and abundance. None of these will assist them with getting away from fate. The plant represents the name of the God. A powerless yet loyal reviewing of the God's name will assist him with getting away from his fate."



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