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What was the physics behind Chakravyuha in the Mahabharata, and how was this beaten?


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The chakravyuha is type of psycological fighting.
First the acclaim of woriors was utilized to deliver dread.
Second significant level of mystery was kept up with the goal that no one can get a glipmse of the arrangement.
Third data were custom fitted to suit the circumstance .
As not many understood what a chakravyuha is so as of now the spilling of information had a staggering impact, to it arjuna was not in the scene as susarma baited him away from the fields.
At that point a dramatization was arrangement to make the field appear as though some calamity will occur with famous woriors in the focal point of the center.
news was released that all the woriors are in diffrent layers of the viuha and will be hard to break.
the primary point was to catch the ruler however abhimanyu comprehended the plot and drew in the woriors taking diffrent defeats covertly by busting the fantasy.
Master Drona understanding the circumstance dropped the arrangement and got occupied with fighting with abhimanue.because If abhimanue had exebhited persistence and trusted that the arrangement will get executed .The Kauraba sena would have been gotten between the clifs and the military would have anihilated because of absence of order.
As the authorities would have been not in the situation for comanding the military.
Frustated comanders of Kaurava sena assaulted and executed abhimanu as there plot was busted yet they needed to stay quiet a secret.Till date not many think about it.
This part abhimanue didn't realize that the chakravihu was a gimmic.The name chakravihu comes from chakranta importance plot.
Let us examine how the chakravihu was assembled and how it was to be executed.
It was asserted that even divine beings can't break chakravihu.
When a chakravihu is started it can't change its way.
There were just three individuals on the earth that time who could break the vihu.
Indeed, even Vedavyasa couldnot portray the development completely.(He had powers incredible and could see future).
Indeed, even sanjay didn't say anything regarding it he had divya dristi.
Abhimanue knew half of it so he could break the vihu.
Considering the above focuses let us examine it was ovious that the devas had divyastra and each body knows what divyastar are prepared to do so utilization of a solitary divayastra could undoubtedly deliver a huge armed force dead.A enormous csualty can annihilate a vihua..So in announcing "even divine beings can't break chakravihu " it was implied that even huge loss couldn't stop the vihua.
As comunication around then was not all that best in class consequently stopin the orders once started was incomprehensible.



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